Taking a Stab

It’s a little haunting, really: you’re “taking a stab” in the dark, to see what sticks. To see if you can hit some vital point, or strike at the heart of the matter.
There’s no guarantee here. No promise of anything actually coming of it–your stab. Nobody knows if you’ll make it, or continue on. Even you.
It’s a leap of faith, a roll of the dice, and a hope against all hope believing you can make your own parachute after jumping over the ledge.

You’re dying. Right now. Whoever you are, whoever you think you are, know that no matter what you’re doing: we are all rocketing toward the grave. We can’t stop it, we can’t reverse it; we can only swim with it or against it.

So what do you wish you were doing instead?
What do you choose to do while you’re dying?

The meaning of life is to just to be alive. That’s it. Just live. It’s so simple and painfully obvious that we all miss it from time to time. Sometimes a lifetime. Everybody seems to run around anxiety-ridden as if all life was good for were accomplishing more than most.

You’re it. “Your life is yours, and yours alone, rise up and live it.” — R.R.
No one else can live your life for you, so you cannot live your life for anyone else. You are the one living with the consequences, so make them count. Or don’t. You’re right either way.
Your journey is one of breathtaking landscapes, along endless roads, into dimly lit rooms with irreplaceable loved ones.

Though, this is not to say all life is easy and everything is beautiful.
Everyone knows loss.
Even when you think no one knows what you’re going through, remember that you’re wrong and everything becomes history with enough time. Be gracious.
There will be bad days, but let go of the fear. Be confident and trust yourself even when all others doubt you–even you.

Always do more, always. Even when you know in your bones you’ve done all that you can, do something more. Take one more step, take one more swing, try, try again.
Be completely present, engage with what you’re doing, here and now.
Don’t dodge change, race into it, take the plunge with both feet eagerly, move with it and join the dance. You’ll be glad you did.

Make the leap, share your story. Take a stab, a stab in the dark.


Make the leap, share your story. Take a stab, a stab in the dark.