OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHey, what’s up? My name’s Chris and I, like you, enjoy great characters and stories. So here’s a page about me in the third person, because, you know, that’s how these go, right?

English literature and Childhood Education graduate, Christopher Williams, discovered his love of photography on accident after taking an elective course and buying his first digital camera.

His specialties include capturing candid moments and details that often go unnoticed, with natural emotions and an emphasis on telling your story. As a writer and a photographer he works to understand what you want to capture, and how you want it shared, so there’s never any unwanted surprises or disappointment after it’s too late. This takes a collaborative effort to get the best photos possible — whether it’s a baby’s first Christmas, high school graduation, or a walk in the park with the family pet. Some say you shouldn’t work with kids or animals but he is not afraid to do both!

A Stab In The Dark/ASITD "A" logoA Stab In The Dark (ASITD, or “Acid”) is my leap of faith, my roll of the dice, and my hope of bringing everything I know and love together to share with the world–and leave it better than I found it. This is my playground, my studio, my laboratory. I want to give people stories and images they’ll keep for a lifetime.

Through my work I intend not only to document and inspire others but help them change their own circumstances, as I’ve chosen to do for myself. This will be my central hub through which all other projects branch off and circle back. I’ve created this website to join the fantastic, lyrical and story-driven world of literature together with the beautiful, ethereal and engaging world of digital photography.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to stay a while and explore.


Make the leap, share your story. Take a stab, a stab in the dark.